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Program Acara:

1. Drama Seri Terfavorit – Putri yang Ditukar
2. Kuis dan Game Show Terfavorit – Super Family
3. Infotainment Terfavorit – Silet
4. Musik and Variety Show – Dahsyat
5. Reality Show Terfavorit – Uya Emang Kuya
6. Komedi Terfavorit – Opera Van Java
7. Talk Show Hiburan Terfavorit – Beauty and Azis
8. Program Anak-anak Terfavorit – Idola Cilik 3
9. Pencarian Bakat Terfavorit – Indonesia Mencari Bakat
10. Pertandingan Olahraga Terfavorit – AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.
11. Jurnal Olahraga Terfavorit – Galeri Sepakbola Indonesia
12. Travel, Hobi, dan Gaya Hidup Terfavorit – Ala Chef
13. FTV Terfavorit – Six Million Dollar Man
14. Program Berita Terfavorit – Seputar Indonesia
15. Program Majalah Berita – Pulang Kampung Nih
16. Talkshow Berita – Obama Ekslusif RCTI bersama Putra Nababan

17. Aktor Terfavorit – Atalarik Syah (PRABU WIJAYA)

18. Aktris Terfavorit – Nikita Willy
19. Presenter Kuis/Game Show – Anjasmara
20. Presenter Infotainment – Irfan Hakim
21. Presenter Musik/Variety Show – Olga Syahputra
22. Presenter Berita – Putra Nababan
23. Presenter Talkshow – Andi F Noya
24. Presenter Talent Show – Ananda Omesh
25. Presenter Reality Show – Uya Kuya
26. Presenter Olahraga – Donna Agnesia
27. Komedian Terfavorit – Sule

Tugas Penkom : Ferrite Bead

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A ferrite bead is simply a hollow bead or cylinder made of ferrite, which is a semi-magnetic substance made from iron oxide (rust) alloyed with other metals. It slips over the cable when the cable is made, or it can be snapped around the cable in two pieces after the cable is made. The bead is encased in plastic — if you cut the plastic, all that you would find inside is a black metal cylinder.


At lower frequencies, a ferrite bead is an inductor: a component that stores energy in a magnetic field. At higher frequencies, however, it behaves as a resistor. This means that high-frequency noise traveling along computer cables is dissipated as heat. Used in circuits or on the end of a computer cable, a ferrite bead thus reduces noise.


Some ferrite beads are very small. These are intended to be mounted on a PCB as part of a circuit. Others are larger, designed to go over cables: these can be slipped over the cable before it is attached to its plugs or jacks, or it can be formed in two halves that snap together around the cable.


Ferrite beads are rated for three main variables: current, impedance, and resistance. Current is usually the most important consideration. Another vital consideration, however, is the frequencies that the ferrite bead must not block.

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Ferrite bead

Ferrite bead



First Blog

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Hi, it’s my first Blog ! See u soon !!!

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